Being M.I.A

So it's been a month since I've last been on my blog!!!! I just thought I was going to just start writing and discussing subjects on a daily bases. However, that wasn't the case. I let so much get of the in way of me connecting with my blog! I'm interning and that takes up a lot of my time and energy like crazy. As the saying goes "you gotta what you gotta do". Plus my department is hosting a girls national fast pitch tournament and I've been working that for the month. I was asked to created the booklet for the tournament! That included everything from looking up the and make up the content to marketing the booklet to get ads to creating the booklet and getting it to the press on time. It just seemed like such a long process and was. Also to create the booklet the only program I had to do create it in was InDesign!!!! (For other designers, I hope you know the pain I went through!) Anyhow, I pulled it off with InDesign even though I had some difficulties. The company I used to print the thousand booklet were great and so helpful! I didn't have the programs to convert files to correct formats for print so they were nice enough to do it for me! anyhow among other things it's been hectic lately and crazy and a learning experience. Well there's much more I'll love to talk about but it'll have to wait till later..... hopefully not too much later!

P.S. The mayor loved my booklet!!! Made my day!