About BM

Hi, I'm Brittani!

I’m a mid-west lady based in West Palm Beach and work beyond. I love cultured and cultivating experiences anywhere I go.

We are the music makers
and we are the dreams of the dreams.
— Willy Wonka

For me it’s important to bring positive vibes which helps to create a great collaborative time no matter who I encounter! With my business it’s my goal to help the people behind the business meet their branding vision in a visual way and understand it. Nothing makes me more happy than a satisfied client with the work I do. To me it is important to help create a defined and recognizable brand, collateral, and website that connects with the client and their audience speaking the brands language. 

Besides designing for others I like to cook and travel! Traveling and cooking not only gets me inspired but it is get way for me to unwind. Other things to know about me: I love the show “The Office” and I like to make up jingles at home. On yeah my favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Hence the quote!

Select Clients

Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One

Aesthetic Sage


Crowing Glory Hair Dressing

Rebalance NGP

Bestie Box


The Scope
Scope Force Spotlight!

Palm Beach County - OEBO
Small Business Week


O'Donnell Agency

Stellar Marketing and Business Solutions

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Brand Identity
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Website and Blog Design
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