My Fav Fav Fav Blogger.......... NUBBY!

Nubby Twiglet So I wanted to take the time to tell you about one of my all time fav blogger, Nubby Twiglet! I think she's pretty awesome and one of my favorite designers in this modern age of design. She gives awesome advice for any designer starting off from jump, like myself. To practical wisdom that any artist use at whatever stage they are in their career. I can honestly say she does "inspire the design community through fresh content" and most importantly reminds us to make our clients happy.

At little background....

Nubby has a design studio based in Portland, Oregon. Her studio specializes in branding and identity development, the creation of custom media kits, editorial design and web design. Her clients by the way have and are Adidas, Forever 21, Nike, Virgin Records, and  The Wall Street Journal. Just to name a few. Additionally, the studio has worked with upwards of 50 small businesses.

 Whats Her Blog About....

What I admire about Nubby is that she shares herself within her blog. Not just from what she's working on at the moment but to what she wears.

Some of her Features on the Blog are:

Nubby is very expressive through her clothes and each week show cases her style.

If you have a burning question? Just ask Nubby! This is your chance to get answers on a variety of topics including art, design, fashion, business, style and anything else you can dream up!  This column is featured most Wednesdays and questions can be directed here.

The Decor Notebook is a collection of collages spanning five years. Images have been gathered from interior and decor magazines with the goal of injecting inspiration into your surroundings. The full set of collages can be viewed here.

This is a lovely way to start off Every Thursday. She whips up a list of links to the best design resources, inspiration and helpful articles from around the net.

I think you should check  Nubby Twiglet as soon as you can. You won't be disappointed by what she has to inspire.