Thoughts At The Moment....Twitter

I just started a Twitter account! At the moment I feel really retarded because I'm clueless at what to do with it. I know I just started and shouldn't expect to know everything..... However, when it comes to social sites I'm not the best at using them to their full potential. I have a Facebook and still don't know how to do a lot of the cool things people do on there. I'm still learning the ropes on adding people to things and how to tag people on other people photos and etc. It should be and is simple right?

A long time ago I tried to have a MySpace (Which I believe may be dead, well almost. It was the site that started getting social networking sites noticed in the first place. Now it's barely mentioned anymore. What a shame!) Anyhow, there was so much that you could do on there. Changing backgrounds to personal photos and adding a playlist of your own music, adding links and whatnot. I mean people have become famous because of MySpace!

Even though it my seem simple to do all these thing on these sites.....It was a pain for me to try to figure it out. More frustrating because I'm a graphic designer and dab a little in web design and couldn't figure it things out! UGH!!!!! It's crazy to me how I just couldn't figure some things out. I'm the type of person that doesn't like not knowing how to do things when I feel that I should know how to do it!

Maybe I should try harder at learning the ways of these social networks. "Changing with the times." as people say. It's the way people stay in contact without having to hear each other voices and sometimes faces..... The way business is sometimes conducted, promotions for events, finding lost family and friends. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of benefits to using these social sites.

As for me....I'm old fashion and would rather just have human contact like they did in the 90's.......

Until next time ;)