First Pay Day As A Freelancer!!!

So I know it's been a while since my last post! I've been a busy woman trying to keep life together! While doing so I received an unexpected phone from someone in need of some cards made for his barbershop! He wanted to promote his shop with a free haircut on the house. The guy he had doing it at first back out the week he need them done! So I came to his mind and he gave me a try. It was such short notice too! I was leaving that Friday to go to Detroit/Toronto! (Loads of craziness and fun!)! He needed the cards by that same weekend and called me Monday about it!

So I took the chance by saying yes and that I could get it done! So the next day he sent me what someone had made as a banner for him to go by for the cards. Then I got right to work on what the look for the cards would be. They were pretty simple cards but fun to make. I was happy that I knew a place that could print them because they gave me a great price to print them! Then I got back with the guy with an email with the designs by Thursday to see what he thought...(I was so nervous to see if he liked them or not.) By Friday afternoon he met up with me just as I was about to leave for my trip saying that he liked them a lot! Sent them off to the printers and we was good to go!

This was the first time that I was able to do a job for somebody and actually was paid and able to finish a job! Before on projects that came my way some people didn't want to pay for me to do it. Some wasted my time with ideas on what I could do for them. That wasn't the case with this project! I was just satisfied that it this went from an idea to mac to print to paid!

Till next time....;)

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