Thoughts At The Moment.... Job Hunt

At the moment I've been a busy bee look for a job knowing that my internship will not last long. I've put in applications after applications hoping to land another freelance gig or land an entry position at a design firm. I'll like to work in my field and determine to make it happen. However, it seems hard to see that happening anytime soon. I'm not giving up on the hope that it'll happen. I just want it happen now. Right now. That may seem crazy to some people or just but that's the way I feel at this moment. I've come a long way and want to just live out my dreams a graphic designer.

Well, my dreams are a little out there cause I want to be designing and traveling over the world to design for clients. Partying at exclusive design events and parties. Meeting amazing people from every walk of life. Even help out organizations for the less fortunate of the world. Hold a position in an elite design organization. Have my own design firm. I want to do great things and have a great sense of accomplish with designing something epic!

Well, maybe after thinking about it my dreams aren't so unrealistic or out there. I just have to continue to work hard from the bottom to the top. I rather do it that way anyway. Hopefully I'll land a job in my field that will lunch my career and get my on my to filling some of my dreams. In the mean time I'll continue my job hunt till something comes along......

Till next time ;)