My Experience at The Work Party Book Tour

I waited so long for an event like this!   

The   Jaclyn Johnson   and I posing after getting my personal copy of Work Party!

The Jaclyn Johnson and I posing after getting my personal copy of Work Party!

Long story short I’ve been longing to go to a networking event that fit me! To be in a room full of creatives like me! Not in a hotel conference room where I’m talked at about how to be successful in a mono tone. Neither did I want to feel stuck hearing something that would not benefit what I’m trying to achieve in my career. 

Then long behold while scrolling through the “gram” a post of the Work Party, by Jaclyn Johnson, book tour grabbed my attention. It was hosting a tour stop in Miami, FL. This was not only a book tour for her amazing book Work Party, but also a great networking and empowering event as well. Anytime I seen events like this I wanted to go but I’m working on a budget (real life struggles) and they were always far away like LA or NYC. However, this one was just an hour way (I’m West Palm Beach based.) and best of all FREE to attend. So I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to be apart of it.

When I finally arrived I could feel an awesome vibe of not only girl power but also cohesiveness. Everyone there was nice and introduced theirselves to each other. Even asking questions like “So what do you do?” or “What’s your social media handle so I can follow?” or the best one ever “Do you have a business card?” Now, to some this may seem normal to be hearing but not for me being new to the scene.

Here are some things I really loved about this event :

  1. Jaclyn did a live interview with with Lo Bosworth, founder of Love Wellness, as a way to talk about entrepreneurship, the lows and highs of getting started, and where business ideals can come from.

  2. During the interview she was able to bring in topics being discussed that were found in her book! (Genius)

  3. Open Q&A that was really engaging and informative.

  4. Then instead of lecturing us for the rest of the time of the event she encouraged us all to really network with each other. See what’s happening with one another and get inspired, encouraged, and ready to work!

It was the breath of fresh air I was looking to for and needed to have. Being there gave me encouragement in the flesh. I was able to see other women like myself having a main job trying to make what they love to do their real job! The conversation in the interview Jaclyn did helped me to see that first years are hard starting out. That it’s ok to to make different decisions as you are growing and learning because what you thought would work isn’t working. As I’m reading the Work Party book I’m learning how to be ok with the process of my journey and being motivated to actions I feel will pay off soon. You read more about this event at the Work Party website.

Wish every girl could be there!