Don't Quit Your Day Dream!

This is what I see every time I open my planner! Reminding me not to give up my day dream.

This is what I see every time I open my planner! Reminding me not to give up my day dream.

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream….. What does that mean? To me, it means don’t quit daydreaming about what I want to do in life that I think or feel that will make me feel complete. Like if I could do what I’m daydreaming about I’m all set in that goal in life. However, does it stop there? Am I daydreaming because it’s fun to fantasize about it to keep me going through the day? To get my mind off what I’m currently doing? I could keep going on and on but it’s something about this saying that kinda has me trying to figuring it out for myself.

Sometimes I’m dreaming of where I want to be in the next 5 years, 10 years, and even sometimes 30 years from now. I want to travel the world, have my own successful business, help people, and make the best macaroons in the world. So much I want to do. What about now? What do I daydream of about doing right now? For starters, it’s being this awesome brand designer! Not just someone who put posters, flyers, and creating cool graphics together. I want to be a brand designer specialist. Branding for big projects and companies like Apple, Nike, Adobe (the program I use a lot in my work), Zara, Target, and Chanel. (Brands I currently use and like). Working on cool modern eclectic projects that really tell a great story with a beautiful purpose too.

Over the past year I have started to work on my business more, Brittani M Design, in the pursuit of this “daydream” I have. In the past, I have taken steps to establish my business all l while working a full-time job. (Many of you are familiar with this.) Working a side hustle that I want to become my full-time job one day is very hard dedicating work. At first, things are going well setting it up. I was getting some projects here and there. Then “life” started happening where I couldn’t focus on it the way I wanted to. I had big plans and still do.

So I recently started feeling like woe is me. (Cue the violin.) My business is not where I ideally would like it to be. When someone asks me how it’s going I say it’s going fine. All the while on the inside I’m thinking it’s not going as well as I thought it could be. Then I see all these small businesses and my favorite inspiration mentors on Instagram doing their thing! Making me feel inspired and the like what am I doing in life. Asking myself why am I not there yet. Then after talking to some friends, they helped me to realize some things. That I’m actually working my daydream versus not at all.

Don’t ever feel like a failure. Consider it a journey and growth.
— My Friend

It took me a minute to let that sink in. One friend told me “Don’t ever feel like a failure. Consider it a journey and growth”. I needed to take a moment and look at what I have been able to accomplish this past year. Not focus on what I didn’t get to do. I’m just one person who doesn’t have a team of people working for me. Starting a business especially as a graphic designer is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot to get a business going and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself as if I was not doing anything. I have been able to actually make some coins from my business rather than nothing. I helped a client believe in her brand and created 2 branding projects this year. Not to mention some of the work I have done is helping me to build a stronger portfolio of professional work. I forget sometimes that a lot of people do not get to do what they have a passion for. I’m very fortunate that I have been able to work on my business at all and have some success from it! This is only a chapter in my journey in living my daydream instead of just dreaming it.