Create the Connection - New Podcast Coming Soon

Logo Design for my up and coming Podcast Series - Create The Connection

Logo Design for my up and coming Podcast Series - Create The Connection

For a while now (2 years to be exact) I’ve been wanting to start my passion project that I called Create The Connect. I have this idea of traveling and meeting cool creatives. Where this is where I feel like I’m doing something really cool with other creatives. We meet and connect over our love for the work we do.

Connect over our love for the work we do
— Me

I'm always interested in how and why. What I find even more interesting is the person behind these creative brands I see. I often wonder who they are, how they started, and how they found their creative niche. Rather I’m reading a story in a book, hearing a podcast, or scrolling on the gram I’m always wanting to learn more about the people behind the work that personally enjoy.

In this podcast you and I will find out who they are, their creative process, business, why their craft is important, and their experiences. Then I’ll try to learn how to create or design visual art piece based off their niche they have discovered in their respective creative lane. Within my blog, I’ll add visuals to bring you along the ride with me meeting and creating with my creative guests on my podcast show.

With this podcast, I think it’s important to help show that each creative brand is unique in its own way. Also, I think it would be a great way to show those in need of their services all that it takes to produce the great work they do for their clients.

During this process and journey, it's my hope to connect to other creatives, educate, learn, and explore many creatives spaces. Also at the same time show appreciation to the creator behind the visual designs we enjoy every day.

I’m really excited about this project and hope to have a lot of fun with it! If you have any creatives in mind you think would be great for this project let me know here.

Look Episode 1 of Create The Connection in February. Until then keep creating connections!

- Brittani