Start By Starting

I love listening to podcasts. The ones I listen to either give insight in what I want to do in business. Inspire me to be more creative or make smarter moves. Some podcasts I listen to because I love a good story being told. Well recently, I was listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast Smart Passive Income podcast. His guest was Scott Voelker. It inspired me to write this blog post today because of what they spoke about on it.

They spoke about Scott’s book the Take Action Effect and about their journey as they started their entrepreneurship. Also, how they helped others as coaches helping people realize their potential in whatever business they are in. Then they got to the point of talking about start by starting.

The desire is there but the commitment is not in most cases.

I’ve heard this term so many times by other entrepreneurs time and time again. I know it to be true when you are wanting to start anything new. The desire is there but the commitment is not in most cases. Especially in my case at times. I really need to take my own advice I give to budding business starters when talking about how to brand themselves and etc. There is so much I want to accomplish with my branding and visual design business. I want to blog, conduct workshops, online courses, podcasts, and build by business in general to have steady income in designing. I want it all! I’m doing some of them here and there but not effetely because of fear. Still I desire to do all those things to the max and like yesterday.

That’s cool and all but as I’m listening to this podcast I realize I’m still allowing fear to get in the way of me committing fully to what I want to do. It’s not that I cannot do it but I need to commit to the process of doing it and take it one step at a time. Realize that it’s ok that it may take a few months to maybe a year to get those things I want to take off or even take shape. As Scott said in the podcast, “not to over complicate or overthink it.” When I do that I feel it’s too big for me to handle so I push it to the back burner. Shame on me because I know I can do it. I’ve forget often I have accomplished thus far as if it’s not enough. Like I haven’t gone anywhere. That’s not the case but I am by hardest critic.

So from all of this bumbling of my thoughts I wanted to pick something that I should commit to doing that is small but will be impactful if I commit to it. That is blogging. I wish I could have my thoughts audio recorded all the time but putting it down always seems daunting. Plus, I’ve been told I write funny or all over the place. That’s how my mind works though. Whatever, the case I need to blog more and I’ve always tried and never keep it going. So I’m starting again and plan on at least trying to write a blog piece a week. So lets see how this goes and maybe if I can commit to this I can follow through on other things I been wanting to fully commit to too.