Useful Tips and Info For Small Businesses For Branding


During small business week I shared tips and information to aide small businesses. Along with information needed to provide to your graphic designer for your branding, like me. I believe the tips and information is valuable to know and can be useful to you and your business.

See the following topics I covered over the week!

Is Your Business Set Up Correctly?

As a designer I want any business I deal to succeed in their endeavors. Unfortunately, some small businesses don’t know if they are structured correctly or if their business name can be used. This is common but it can hinder branding design projects. For example, I had to redesign a logo 3 times for a client because the name they wanted for their was already trademark. There information any business needs to know for legal purposes and I some advice here.

Do You Know Your Branding Assets?

As I brand and visual designer I equip my clients with the resources they need. I’ve put together a little guide of branding assets you need for your business and explain why. Learn more here!

Do Your Brand Have The Right Colors?

The colors you choose for your brand is really more important than you think. There are tons of research about the emotional and behavioral effects colors have on people. Is your brands colors giving off the right tone? Learn more here!

Is Your Website Representing Your Brand?

Did you know that 81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase? That it takes a matter of seconds to give a good or bad impression to potential consumers? Having a well designed and great looking website is so important for small businesses to have. It’s worth the investment and valuable for growth, engagement, and to showcase your products/services. Learn more here!

Do You Have The Right Logo Type For Your Brand?

Did you know there are different logo types? That the right logo design for your brand can help make it recognizable or forgettable? It’s important for whoever is designing your logo that they are knowledgeable for the logo type that works best for your brand. It’s worth taking the time to look into what logo type works for you too. Good thing I put a logo type guide together for you here!


I hope this information is helpful to you to! If there other questions you have and information you want to know more about let me know!