Thoughts At The Moments

Finally Getting Back

It’s been a while since I have been back doing what I love.  Designing, branding, and working with clients. However, I have been focusing on school, moved, and married recently. Now things are starting to settle. I think it’s important to take the time to learn and sharpen my skills needed for your profession. Whatever, that maybe. For me I needed to learn business management and marketing. As a freelancer I’ve had my far share of getting “handle” or used because of lack of knowledge in certain areas when doing business with clients. Sometimes doing free work or consulting without being paid up front, not having proper contracts, and etc. All of these lesson learned. However, know with the tools I’ve learned I know what I need to do and how so. Many of the classes I had helped me to see where I made mistakes and how not to make them again. If hadn’t took the time to go back to school I would most likely still learn the hard way of doing business. Not saying there will not be obstacles as I continue on being a designer. Just I’ll be better equipped handle situations that come my way so I’m not taken advantage of. As well being able to provide better services for the clients I work with currently and in the future.

Since school is finally over and I feel stable in my new area, I feel like I can get back to freelancing and get back into the groove of things. I’m excited to work with my first new client in FL. So I’ll be getting my feet wet redesigning a logo, portfolio, and much more. With the new skills I have I will able to help them brand themselves. They will have a new professional brand to attract potential clients and partnerships they want. Can’t wait to share the experience here.