Establishing My Domain Name...

I finally put to practice what I preach to others about getting started with a website. That is purchasing a domain name, the name of the website, as the first priority. When you think of a name you want you to use for your website see if it’s available and if it is, buy it right away. Domain names go quick and can be expensive if some else owns it. So if you find your dream domain name that no one has buy it even if you’re not using it right away. This way you have a website name that is linked to you and only you. Also having a website these days are needed to be able to market yourself as well. ou I purchased my first domain name which is this website here. At the moment I’m learning as I go when it comes to the technical side of websites. I’m not really big on website structures, from the inside out. Creating a website and maintaining it takes a lot of work if done from the ground up. There are sites out there you can use to help with layouts, designs, and etc. I can create it but at this moment it’s not my focus. However, I always know where to go and what is needed to advise other. Anyhow, I stopped procrastinating on getting my domain name, realizing I needed to have my own personal website to direct clients to and etc.  I started of with having a blog but it had the host site name within the domain name. At first I was ok with that but needed to change it up for branding purposes I’m working on.

What I Learned...I learned it’s important to know the provider I purchased my domain name from. The provider I used was GoDaddy and they are easy to use now that I know more about what I’m doing. Once you have a provider that will host your website you would have to gather information from the host to be able to direct website to the domain name purchased.  If that is not done then when typing in the domain purchased it will not bring the website created to go along with the domain name. It’s important to get to know the directions on how to link your domain name to your website and there are always support help if needed from the providers you use for hosting your site to help with any kinks if needed.

Now that I have  finally have my website established a bit. I can proudly give out my website name to potential clients and anyone who cares to visit my website.